Deconex 53 Instrument

Deconex 53 Instrument

Aldehyde-free instrument disinfectant

Scope of application
deconex 53 INSTRUMENT serves to protect staff during the pre-treatment of medical instruments and is suitable for all medical devices,such as surgical and dental instruments and flexible endoscopes.

deconex® 53 INSTRUMENT combines pre-cleaning and disinfection
in the manual pre-treatment of instruments.

It can also be used for the final disinfection of non-critical medical devices such as stethoscopes, ECG electrodes, basins etc


Recommended dose:

0.25 – 2 % depending on efficacy required
(see table)
Recommended use:
Bring product to room temperature.
Prepare the disinfectant solution by diluting to the desired concentration
with water.Before soaking in the disinfecting bath, dismantle the instruments as much as possible. The surface must be totally covered, avoid air bubbles in crevices. After the contact time, thoroughly rinse the instruments, final rinse step with demineralised water.

A visibly contaminated solution must be replaced immediately. When switching product to deconex 53 INSTRUMENT, it is recommended the instruments undergo intermediate cleaning e.g. with deconex 36 INTENSIV-x. If a product containing aldehyde has been used previously, intermediate cleaning is essential.


  • free from aldehydes
  • extremely broad spectrum of activity
  • effective against mycobacteria, incl. tuberculosis
  • effective against enveloped viruses; also against Adenovirus and Polyoma SV40
  • excellent cleaning performance
  • can be used in ultrasonic baths
  • tested service life of use solution of up to 14 days, depending on level of soil
  • certified by VAH (German Association for Applied Hygiene)

Service life
deconex 53 INSTRUMENT use solution can be used for up to 7 days under high organic contamination, and up to 14 days under low contamination.

deconex 53 INSTRUMENT test strips are available as required to verify the concentration following dilution and to test active ingredient levels during the service life of a maximum of 14 days.