Deconex 53 Plus

Deconex® 53 Plus

Aldehyde-free instrument disinfectant

For the pre-cleaning and disinfection of medical instruments, including rigid and flexible endoscopes

Scope of application
deconex 53 PLUS is used for the particularly mild pre-treatment of instruments and serves as a measure of staff protection.

It is suitable for instruments and care utensils in all hospital departments, including rigid and flexible endoscopes and anaesthetic material.
It can also be used to disinfect dental instruments including drills and other rotary instruments.

Recommended dose:
1 – 2 % according to desired efficacy (see table)
up to 4 % for special requirements (e.g. Adenovirus)
Recommended use:
Prepare the disinfectant solution by diluting with water to the desired use concentration.
Before immersing instruments in the disinfection bath, open or disassemble them into their component parts as far as possible.

The entire surface must be covered. Avoid air bubbles in cavities. After the contact time has elapsed, rinse the instruments well
using demineralised water for the final stage of rinsing. Visibly contaminated solutions must be replaced immediately.
If switching product to deconex 53 PLUS, intermediate cleaning of the instruments with deconex 36 INTENSIV-x or a similar product is recommended. Please refer to the information leaflet for professional decontamination with deconex 53 PLUS.


  • aldehyde free
  • no active ingredients that contain chloride salts
  • broad activity spectrum including tuberculocidal effect
  • active against enveloped viruses and also against Adenovirus and Polyoma SV40
  • particularly gentle on materials
  • combined cleaning and disinfection effect
  • suitable for use in ultrasonic bath
  • use solution with a service life of up to 14 days as determined by suspension test with low organic contamination
  • certified by the VAH (German Association for Applied Hygiene)