Deconex HLD PA / PA20

Deconex HLD PA / PA20

Manual instrument disinfectant based on peracetic acid

For the terminal high-level disinfection of all medical instruments including flexible endoscopes

Scope of application
deconex HLD PA / PA20 can be used for the manual final disinfection of all types of medical instruments such as non-sterilizable surgical instruments, anesthetic equipment and dental instruments as well as rigid and flexible endoscopes.

The instruments must be thoroughly cleaned prior to disinfection with deconex HLD PA / PA20


Recommended dose:
deconexHLD PA / PA20  is ready for use immediately after activation and is used undiluted. Exposure time: 15 min.

Recommended use:
The endoscopes and instruments must always be thoroughly cleaned with a detergent or disinfecting detergent, e.g.
with deconex POWER ZYME, deconex 36 INTENSIV-x, deconex 36 BS ALKA or deconex 53 INSTRUMENT, and thoroughly rinsed with water prior to disinfection with deconex HLD PA / PA20. Pour the contents of the 250 ml deconex PA20 activator bottle into the canister with 4750 ml deconex HLD PA. Mix the solution before pouring all of it into a disinfection tank.

The mixture will then have become fully active and can be used immediately. deconex HLD PA / PA20 should always be used in a wellventilated room. Ensure that instruments with recesses and channels are covered without any bubbles.

Following final disinfection with deconex HLD PA / PA20, rinse thoroughly with clean, if possible sterile, water.


  • based on peracetic acid
  • with integrated activator
  • ready-for-use immediately after activation
  • broad spectrum of activity including spores
  • rapid effect
  • compatible with a very wide range of materials
  • tested service life of uncontaminated use solution 14 days


Service life
Uncontaminated deconex HLD PA / PA20 use solution has a service life of at least 14 days, provided the disinfection
bath is always covered. The actual service life is dependent on country-specific and local regulations as well as on how much water is carried over and any residual soil on the instruments. Depending on this, up to 50 endoscopes can be treated successively in the same solution before the peracetic acid concentration drops below the limit value of 900 ppm. The solution must be replaced as soon as it shows signs of contamination (turbidity, deposits, discoloration etc.).

deconex TEST PA 

A safe high-level disinfection is only guaranteed when the minimum content of the active ingredient
peracetic acid is at least 900 ppm.

To ensure that the concentration of the active ingredient is adequate, regularly check the peracetic acid concentration of the solution while it is in use and always after a break in work using the specially developed deconex TEST PA test strips.