Deconex Solarsept

Deconex Solarsept

Ready-to-use alcohol-basedrapid disinfectant

For wipe or spray disinfection of small areas and medical equipment

Scope of application
deconex SOLARSEPT is used for disinfection when a short exposure and drying time is required. The spray nozzle allows the targeted disinfection of even hard-to-reach surfaces.

deconex SOLARSEPT is used on medical equipment and devices and other small surfaces, such as examination couches, operating tables and adjacent work surfaces, user interfaces on medical equipment such as patient monitors, ultrasound and other examination equipment, furniture in patients’ rooms, medical and dental practices, medical laboratories and cosmetic studios.

Recommended dose:

deconex SOLARSEPT is ready-to-use and does not require dilution.

Recommended use:
Wipe disinfection:
Pour the product out of the dosing bottle onto a clean cloth or directly onto the surface to be treated (approx. 25 ml product/m).
Gently wipe the surface all over with steady movements. Make sure that the surface is completely wetted.

Spray disinfection:
Spray the surface to be treated, ensuring in particular that it is completely wetted.
Due to the alcohol content, spraying is limited for safety reasons to small areas which cannot be reached by wiping.