Deconex Surface AF

Deconex Surface AF

Aldehyde-free surface disinfectant

For disinfecting all types of surfaces

Scope of application
SURFACE AF is used to disinfect and clean surfaces in medical environments, including surfaces and floors in operating and treatment
rooms, washrooms and toilets, as well as to disinfect the surfaces of furniture, devices and other medical equipment such as operating tables, examination couches, bed frames and lights etc.

Recommended dose:
0.25 % for routine applications (60 min value in accordance with RKI guidelines)
0.25 – 5 % depending on required efficacy
Recommended use:
Cleaning e.g. with deconex 36 INTENSIV-x is recommended before using deconex SURFACE AF for the first time. If a product
containing aldehyde has been used previously, intermediate cleaning is essential. Bring product to room temperature. Prepare the disinfectant solution by diluting to the desired concentration with water. Intermediate cleaning e.g. with deconex 36 INTENSIV-x is recommended at regular intervals. These intervals depend on how often deconex SURFACE AF is used.


  •  aldehyde-free
  •  rapid effect
  •  broad activity spectrum including tuberculocidal activity
  •  combined disinfection and cleaning
  •  simple formula, leaves no sticky residues
  •  certified by VAH (German Association for Applied Hygiene)

Service life The service life of uncontaminated deconex SURFACE AF solution if stored in a clean, closed container is up to 14 days.