Hand disinfectant
For hygienic and surgical hand disinfection

Scope of application
is an alcohol-based product with integrated skin care components. It can be used anywhere  without water or a sink  where impeccable hand hygiene is a must, such as hospitals, care homes, medical and dental practices, as well as in the food and pharmaceutical industry. As well as for hand hygiene decosept is also used for surgical hand disinfection.


Do not use decosept on broken skin. Good hand hygiene depends on careful hand care, only healthy skin can be effectively disinfected.



hand disinfection:

Cup hands and rub in approx. 3 ml undiluted decosept for atleast 15 s. To ensure complete wetting of all critical areas forthe entire duration, disinfection should be carried out in accordancewith the handrub method set out in EN 1500. Handsmust remain moist for the whole rub-in process.A longer contact time is required for certain pathogens.


Surgical hand disinfection:

Long washing procedures with lathering and scrubbing damage. The skin without significantly reducing the resident germ flora.

The areas under the finger nails in particular should be cleaned, e.g. with a soft brush or a pick. The hands and lower arms should then be covered with decosept. decosept should be carefully rubbed into the hands and lower arms for at least 60 s, not forgetting the fingertips, nail folds and areas between the fingers. The hands and lower arms must remain moist during the whole disinfection process.Longer contact times are required for certain pathogens.



– alcohol-based product

– excellent immediate effect

– very good remanence effect

– spore-filtered

– gentle to skin, verified by expert report

– certified by VAH

(German Association for Applied Hygiene)