EMV+ 731 Series

Portable Critical Care Ventilator


Full Patient Range

For patients from infant (≥5 kg) through adult


Smart Help™

Display Guides operator through on-screen commands when responding to alarms


Versatility with Standard Military Equipment

Functions with deployed oxygen concentrator systems used by the military


Unprecedented Battery Run-Time

No additional battery back-up needed thanks to a 10-hour battery run-time. Battery recharges to 90% in 2 hours.


AWR Certified

Airworthiness Release certified. Approved for use during all phases of flight aboard both fixed-wing and rotor, U.S. Air Force and Army, aircraft.


Silent and Dark Mode

Can be switched to a silent and dark mode, preventing it from interfering with advanced infrared night-vision equipment


Rugged, All-Weather Device

Designed for the unique needs of the military to handle austere environments. Meets an unprecedented set of military standards.