Examline 740 Gynecological Examination Table

Bıçakcılar EXAMLINE 740 Gynecological Examination Table is designed for gynecological, rectoscopy/proctology, urology and urodynamic examinations, minor surgical procedures and obstetric deliveries. With a soft-touch ergonomic design, EXAMLINE 740 is constructed with high quality materials providing effective and long operating life in hospitals and clinics.

Gynecological Examination Table consists of backrest and seat sections. Seat extension pads are offered as optional accessory. As standard accessory either foot supports or knee crutches integrated with handles can be selected according to customers’ need. All surfaces contacting with the patient are either covered with hygienic polyurethane pads or have powder coated finish. Antistatic pads are waterproof and easy to clean.

Below listed tabletop positions of EXAMLINE 740 can be adjusted with remote control or with multi-functional foot pedals.

  • Tabletop height adjustment,
  • Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg positions,
  • Backrest section forward and backward movements,
  • Handle integrated foot supports and knee crutches up and down movements.

Three positions can be preset in memory by use of the remote control unit. All positions are adjusted by electrically operated pistons. Gynecological Examination Table is equipped with battery recharge system. Movements of the table are fed from the battery circuit. Battery power has 30 minutes operating time (approx. 30 full positioning).

Electrically adjustable foot supports and a low starting position (550 mm mounting height with 5º reverse Trendelenburg position) offer maximum comfort. The patient can take her place easily – without the need of foot step.

An examination tissue paper dispenser is stored under the backrest section. A stainless steel waste tray is located below the seat section. EXAMLINE 740 is available in blue color.