Examline 855 Blood Donor Chair

Bıçakcılar EXAMLINE 855 Blood Donor Chair is an innovative solution for blood bank, laboratory and hospital use. Beside blood donation and transfusion applications, EXAMLINE 855 is the perfect choice for safe and comfortable transportation of patients. EXAMLINE 855 functions both in sitting and reclining positions.

EXAMLINE 855 Blood Donor Chair consists of backrest, seat and leg sections, covered with polyurethane mattress providing hygiene and long operation life.

The unique flexible design of EXAMLINE 855 Blood Donor Chair is suitable to accommodate patients in both sitting and reclining positions and transferring them between departments without having to lift from the workplace.

The Trendelenburg position and position of backrest section in combination with seat and leg sections are adjusted by a block-lift mechanism operated by means of two steering handles located behind the backrest section.

The headrest can be adjusted to required level in order to provide patient comfort.

The armrests automatically adjust to position of the chair and can be folded up for easy entry of the patient. Armrests have multi-axis and multi-angle motion to enable fixing the patient arm on required position.

The large anti-static casters allow high maneuverability and provide comfort during transportation. The rear casters have break system and free-motion. Straight positioned front casters and steering handles located on backrest section provide easy direction of EXAMLINE 855 Blood Donor Chair.